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I’m going to the library today for the first time in forever. If any of you have some favorite book suggestions that’d be bitchin

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Anonymous asked: What's your opinion on all the popular Satan and Me aus? Demon Queen and Vice and Virtue and stuff? Do you enjoy them, or does it annoy you that people are warping your original idea?

I don’t know about you guys, but I enjoy reading AUs over original plot stuff for anything. I also only write, like, 90% AUs, as well. So the fact that people are making their own AUs about it - while still trying to keep the characters in character for those scenarios - is cool. 

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So my family is going to be going away tomorrow for two weeks and my dad starts talking to me and my sibs about if they die on the trip how to get their life insurance and how to divide assets. What the figgity fuck is that proper vacation etiquette omg???

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Anonymous asked: What do you do for work?

That is the question now, isn’t it.

I am currently unemployed and have been trying to find a job recently since I quit my last job for blatant employee abuse. It was a shooting range I worked at for a year and a half. It’s been rough financially and shit may start hitting the fan in August if I don’t get one. Sucks cuz I’m also going to a really prestigious and really expensive art school in August and going into debt just to do that.

So right now I just do commissions and pray I don’t have a heart attack in my sleep

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