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Anonymous asked: I mean this in a rlly nice way bc ur super pretty but u look so adult. Like 30 something. I mean, a young looking 30-something yr old, but u just look really grown up and put together!! I'm jealous ;w;

Oh gosh, I look 30?? Lol Not the look I’m going for at 22. I’m hoping it’s just the way I hold myself instead of actual physical maturity lmaoo 

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Anonymous asked: not an ask, but I finally got the time to read the new static chapter and I almost have to stand and run around the house because of all the excitement that it caused me!! Thanks for your hard work!. NO WAIT there is a question: Around how long does it take to write a chapter? (not taking into account the hiatus periods)

If I sat and wrote a chapter straight through, I’d guestimate a couple of hours. But I never can write straight through…

But I’m glad you enjoyed it! Half of the next chapter is already written. It’s just when I find the time around commissions, my comic, school, and work to update it

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Kinda weird. IDK if any of you remember back two years ago I was really close friends with this girl and then we had a bad falling out? Well, I used to watch Hetalia with her a lot. I got her into it and we went through seasons 1-4 together. It was cool cuz I never had a friend who liked anime, so after we stopped being friends I kinda drifted a little away from Hetalia. Cuz it just brought up bad memories and I hated watching it alone.

But then it kinda rekindled cuz my sis and I watched it together at night so that was cool.

Well, me and said friend are starting to hang out again and she texted me last week that she wanted to watch Hetalia again and hang out today. So it’s lame but I’m kinda excited. I never knew how much Hetalia was still looped around this old friendship and how it affected my subconscious. I miss it, honestly.

So today sounds… fun. Yeah.

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I can’t beat Akinator and that pisses me off. I’ve been trying every night religiously for a week